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Indicates whether the application can terminate.

BOOL AFXAPI AfxOleCanExitApp( );

Return Value

Nonzero if the application can exit; otherwise 0.


An application should not terminate if there are outstanding references to its objects. The global functions AfxOleLockApp and AfxOleUnlockApp increment and decrement, respectively, a counter of references to the application's objects. The application should not terminate when this counter is nonzero. If the counter is nonzero, the application's main window is hidden (not destroyed) when the user chooses Close from the system menu or Exit from the File menu. The framework calls this function in CFrameWnd::OnClose.


// Helper exit function for automation server
BOOL CDlgautoDlg::CanExit()
   if (AfxOleCanExitApp())
      // No outstanding object counts - go ahead and exit
      return TRUE;
   } else
      // There are outstanding OLE object counts...
      // hide app to give user impression that application has exited.
      // take user out of control of the app
      return FALSE;


Header: <afxdisp.h>

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