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IE on Windows 10 (Technical Preview)

Get a sneak peek at Internet Explorer as it's being developed. Features will be added and removed, as these releases are designed to help developers understand the direction being taken during development.

Internet Explorer 11

IE11 is the touch-optimized browser built for Windows 8.1— with more web standards than ever, features that put your site closer to your users in Windows, leading security, and developer tools that help you code across browsers and even apps.

Debug faster with the F12 developer tools

Speed up your pages and your workflow

F12 developer tools are rebuilt from the ground up in IE11. New analysis tools help you boost the performance of your pages and new features help you develop and debug faster.

Key tasks and content

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APIs from earlier versions of Internet Explorer and archived content.

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A community-driven site for web developer documentation.

HTML5 Labs

Microsoft prototypes of early specifications from web standards bodies such as W3C.

IE Test Drive

See the latest code demos with web standards and performance benchmarks.


Insights on building Internet Explorer, by the Internet Explorer engineering team.


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