Event Handling

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Event handling is primarily supported for COM classes (C++ classes that implement COM objects, typically using ATL classes or the coclass attribute). For more information, see Event Handling in COM.

Event handling is also supported for native C++ classes (C++ classes that do not implement COM objects), however, that support is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. For more information, see Event Handling in Native C++.

Event handling supports single- and multithreaded usage and protects data from simultaneous multithread access. It also allows you to derive subclasses from event source or receiver classes and support extended event sourcing/receiving in the derived class.

Visual C++ includes attributes and keywords for declaring events and event handlers. The event attributes and keywords can be used in CLR programs and in native C++ programs.

event_sourceCreates an event source.
event_receiverCreates an event receiver (sink).
__eventDeclares an event.
__raiseEmphasizes the call site of an event.
__hookAssociates a handler method with an event.
__unhookDissociates a handler method from an event.

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