Microsoft developer centers

Only Microsoft brings you a complete set of innovative platforms and technologies that help you shape the future. Whether you develop for mobile, desktop, or the cloud—you are always playing in a single universe of devices and services. It’s time to go exploring.

Platform and Tools

Find everything you need to develop on Microsoft platforms. Develop on all Windows devices, for all markets worldwide; use Azure to build a cloud-based backend; or develop productivity apps in their native environment locally or in the cloud.

Business and Enterprise

Develop on a powerful set of platforms designed to help you build and grow your business. Use Microsoft Dynamics to deliver to customers, partners, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) customized solutions without having to custom build the foundation; use Power BI to bring visual insights to life with high impact, real-time reporting; call a single endpoint to integrate data from Microsoft’s cloud service into your app; and much more.

Services and Resources

Use the OneDrive API to build an integration that allows your users easy access to OneDrive files from within your app; drive your business forward with Bing ads; and ensure your apps are world-ready, globally and accessibility compliant, and logo-certified.

Servers and Web

Use Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server for a flexible, secure, and manageable Web server to enable you to host anything on the web. Get, the free web framework for building websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create web APIs, mobile sites, and use real-time technologies. Or use BizTalk Server to create effective business processes that unite separate systems into a coherent whole.