Mobile app development tools and resources

Now's the time to build apps for Windows devices. Microsoft’s toolset, Visual Studio, supports the .NET Framework, C++, JavaScript, and XAML, DirectX, and HTML5—the same technologies that you use today can deliver outstanding new experiences. You can also use cross-platform development tools and familiar libraries to quickly bring your visions to reality. Then get your apps into the Windows Store using the business model of your choice.

Introducing universal Windows apps

Build a universal Windows app that reaches all Windows devices from mobile to desktop. If you already have an app, learn how to extend its reach to different form factors.

Get free tools for building apps

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013 for Windows has all the core tools you need to build apps for both the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store.

How Wordament put their head in the cloud

We talk to the creators of Wordament about how they architected their cross-platform game. Find out how it was built for iOS, Android and Windows using Xamarin, C#, and Microsoft Azure.

Windows App Studio

App Studio lets you create a content-based app idea by applying text, Web content, imagery, and design concepts to a rich set of customizable templates. No coding experience is necessary to get started on your first app.

Mobile apps on Azure

Build and host the cloud backend for any mobile app on Windows, iOS, or Android. Azure gives you the flexibility to power your mobile apps using Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, or Mobile Services.

Go Mobile with Xamarin

MSDN Premium and Ultimate subscribers can save up to 20% on Xamarin Enterprise Edition or Business Edition.

Build multi-device hybrid apps

Use Visual Studio and Apache Cordova to build hybrid apps that run on iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone using a single project based on HTML and JavaScript.