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LDAP Registry Settings (Compact 2013)

The registry stores information necessary to configure the system for applications and hardware devices. The registry also contains information that the operating system continually references during operation.

The default registry values vary depending on which Catalog items are included in your OS design. For more information, see Default Registry Settings.

The following table shows the registry settings for


Value : type


LdapClientIntegrity : REG_DWORD

Controls whether the LDAP client automatically attempts to negotiate a signed or integrity-validated session when a bind is performed. Signing protects the session by detecting attempts to alter LDAP traffic during an LDAP connection to the network.

The following settings are possible:

  • 0: Do not automatically use signing. This is the default on Windows Embedded Compact.
  • 1: Automatically use signing against supported servers, but permit fallback to a non-signed session if unable to establish signing.
  • 2: Always use signing, and fail to bind if unable to establish signing.
These values only affect applications that do not explicitly request signing when they bind. If an application explicitly requests signing, the LDAP client will always use signing, and fail to bind if unable to do so.