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TypeName Element for SelectionCondition for EntrySelectedBy for TableControl (Format)

Specifies a .NET Framework type that triggers the condition. When this type is present, the condition is met, and the table row is used.


The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the TypeName element.



Child Elements


Parent Elements


Element Description

SelectionCondition Element for EntrySelectedBy for TableControl (Format)

Defines the condition that must exist for this table row to be used.

Specify the fully qualified name of the .NET Framework type, such as System.IO.DirectoryInfo.

The selection condition can specify any number of .NET Framework types or selection sets, but cannot specify both. For more information about how to use selection conditions, see Defining Conditions for Displaying Data.

For more information about the components of a table view, see Creating a Table View.

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