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Walkthrough: Desktop app submission

The process for listing a desktop app in the Windows Store is very similar to that for a Windows Store app. Let's walk through the info you'll need during app submission and see how this info is shown to users in the Windows Store.

Preparing for app submission

Desktop apps are listed in the Windows Store for users to browse and compare, but the Windows Store does not handle commerce for these apps. As you submit your desktop app, you provide app listing data to the Windows Store, but you're not required to upload an app package.

Your listing data must include a link to your app's acquisition page, where users can acquire your app directly from your product website (or the site where your app is officially sold). When users view your app’s description page in the Windows Store, they must be able to click the link there and go directly to your app-acquisition experience. Because the Windows Store does not manage the commerce for desktop apps, it does not currently provide analytics for desktop apps.

We recommend that you prepare your app metadata content before submitting your desktop app for listing in the Windows Store. For planning purposes, here's a quick overview of the submission steps and the metadata.

  1. Set your price tier.

  2. Choose your markets. For more info, see Choosing your markets.

  3. Select the number of language description pages in the Windows Store listing for your app.

  4. Choose a category and subcategory for your app.

  5. Upload the Game Definition File (GDF) file associated with your app. This is required if your app is a game. For more info, check out Create a GDF file.

  6. Add the acquisition page URL for your app.

  7. Upload graphics for your app's Windows Store listing (for example, the app logo that appears on the app tile on the Windows Store, screen shots).

  8. Document any specific requirements necessary for reviewers who will be checking your app metadata during the Windows Store certification process.


With your info at hand, use these topics to step through the submission of your desktop app to the Windows Store using the Store dashboard.

first step

Test your app with the Windows App Certification Kit

next step

Sign up as a developer for the Windows Store

next step

Using the desktop developer dashboard

next step

Provide an app name

next step

Provide price and market details

next step

Provide age rating info

next step

Provide a product description

next step

Provide notes to reviewers

final step

Submit your app listing


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