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spellcheck property

Specifies whether spell checking is applied to an editable text field.

This property is read/write.


object.spellcheck = ptr
ptr = object.spellcheck


Property values

Type: boolean

True turns on spell checking for an element, false turns it off.


Spellcheck is only enabled by default textArea elements, and elements with the contentEditable = true attribute for Windows Store apps using JavaScript, a Windows Store app using JavaScript, and a Windows Store app using JavaScript for the desktop in Windows 8. Spellcheck is off by default for input type=text

Spellcheck is off by default of any element in the apps that host the web browser control (Web OC). You can enable spellchecking by adding the spellcheck=true attribute to the root or ancestor markup of the content (including the <html> element), with no other special flags needed.

There is also a default state (missing attribute) which uses the element's default behavior, such as inheriting from the parent element's spellcheck state.


The following example shows a text input element with spell checking.

    <title>Spellcheck example</title>
  <!-- Ask for some text -->
  <label>Type some words: 
  <input type="text" autofocus spellcheck="true" />

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