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Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Visual Studio 2005

The Windows operating system provides support for application performance monitoring. Using this feature, applications can expose critical performance values, making it possible to track application performance in real time.

Traditionally, performance monitoring has been performed using either the PDH (Performance Data Helper) API or the Registry Performance Interface. ATL Server provides a third alternative.

In This Section

Performance Monitoring Concepts

Discusses performance monitoring with ATL Server.

Performance Classes and Attributes

Describes using performance components with attributed or nonattributed code.

Server Performance Monitoring

Covers performance monitoring for Web server applications.

Predefined ISAPI Performance Counters

Describes tracking and exposing ISAPI performance data.

Enabling ISAPI Performance Monitor Support

Provides step-by-step instructions to enable ISAPI performance monitoring support in a new or existing project.

Initializing and Accessing Performance Monitor Objects

Provides step-by-step instructions on initializing, accessing, and uninitializing performance monitoring objects.

Manually Defining Performance Objects

Provides step-by-step instructions for adding performance objects to a project without using code wizards.

Related Sections

PerformanceCounter Sample

Demonstrates how to expose performance information using ATL Server performance monitoring support within a Web application.

PerformanceScribble Sample

Demonstrates how to expose performance information using ATL Server performance monitoring support within an MFC application.

Performance Monitoring Reference

Provides links to attributes, classes, and macros that let you expose performance monitoring from your applications and services.

ATL Server

Provides links to conceptual information about the functionality of ATL Server.

ATL Server Samples

Provides links to samples demonstrating how ATL Server is used.

ATL Server Reference

Provides links to language reference documentation for the ATL Server Library.

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