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Makes this instance a deep copy of the specified VectorKeyFrameCollection. When copying dependency properties, this method copies resource references and data bindings (but they might no longer resolve) but not animations or their current values.

Namespace: System.Windows.Media.Animation
Assembly: PresentationCore (in presentationcore.dll)

protected override void CloneCore (
	Freezable sourceFreezable
protected void CloneCore (
	Freezable sourceFreezable
protected override function CloneCore (
	sourceFreezable : Freezable
Sie können diese Methoden nicht in XAML verwenden.



The VectorKeyFrameCollection to clone.

This method is called by the Clone method and should not be called directly from your code, except when calling the base implementation while overriding this method. To create a modifiable copy of the current object, call Clone instead of calling this method directly.

For more information, see Freezable.CloneCore.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 wird unter Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 und Windows Server 2003 SP1 unterstützt.

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Unterstützt in: 3.0