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Reorders a specified child ContextNode object so that it moves to the specified index.

Namespace: System.Windows.Ink
Assembly: IAWinFX (in iawinfx.dll)

public void MoveSubNodeToPosition (
	ContextNode subNodeToMove,
	int newIndex
public void MoveSubNodeToPosition (
	ContextNode subNodeToMove, 
	int newIndex
public function MoveSubNodeToPosition (
	subNodeToMove : ContextNode, 
	newIndex : int
Nicht zutreffend.



The child ContextNode object to be reordered.


The new position of the nodeToMoveContextNode object.

An ArgumentException is thrown if nodeToMove is not a child of the ContextNode object.

The following example moves an InkWordNode, wordToMove, from its current index in a line to one index earlier. This code could be part of a text correction user interface where the user indicates that a selected word should have been placed one word earlier.

ContextNode parentNode = wordToMove.ParentNode;
int wordIndex = parentNode.SubNodes.IndexOf(wordToMove);
int newIndex = Math.Max(0, wordIndex - 1);
parentNode.MoveSubNodeToPosition(wordToMove, newIndex);

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