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This namespace deals with security tokens and certificates, for example WrappedKeySecurityToken.

For topics dealing with general Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) security-related topics, for example, SecurityAlgorithmSuite. see System.ServiceModel.Security.

For security topics that overlap with the service model, for example TcpTransportSecurity, see System.ServiceModel.

Öffentliche KlasseBinarySecretSecurityTokenRepresents a binary secret security token.
Öffentliche KlasseClaimTypeRequirementSpecifies the types of required and optional claims expected to appear in the federated credential.
Öffentliche KlasseInitiatorServiceModelSecurityTokenRequirementSpecifies security property requirements specific to channel creation in the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
Öffentliche KlasseIssuedSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for a security token issued in a Federated security scenario.
Öffentliche KlasseIssuedSecurityTokenProviderToken provider for issued security tokens.
Öffentliche KlasseKerberosSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for a Kerberos security token.
Öffentliche KlasseRecipientServiceModelSecurityTokenRequirementSpecifies security property requirements specific to the listener service in the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
Öffentliche KlasseRsaSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for an RSA security token.
Öffentliche KlasseSecureConversationSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for a secure conversation security token.
Öffentliche KlasseSecurityContextSecurityTokenRepresents the token defined by the WS-SecureConversation specification.
Öffentliche KlasseSecurityContextSecurityTokenAuthenticatorValidates tokens and extracts claims.
Öffentliche KlasseSecurityContextSecurityTokenResolverResolves security context tokens.
Öffentliche KlasseSecurityTokenParametersAn abstract class that when implemented represents security token parameters.
Öffentliche KlasseServiceModelSecurityTokenRequirementAn abstract class that when implemented specifies security property requirements of the token being requested or authenticated that are specific to WCF. The security token manager constructs security token providers and security token authenticators that are used by the WCF security processor based on the token requirement.
Öffentliche KlasseServiceModelSecurityTokenTypesRepresents the types of security tokens recognized by WCF.
Öffentliche KlasseSslSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for an SSL security token that is obtained when doing the SOAP-level SSL protocol with the server.
Öffentliche KlasseSspiSecurityTokenRepresents an SSPI security token.
Öffentliche KlasseSspiSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for an SSPI security token that is obtained during the SOAP-level SPNEGO protocol with the server.
Öffentliche KlasseSupportingTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for supporting security tokens required by the security binding element.
Öffentliche KlasseUserNameSecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for a user name security token.
Öffentliche KlasseWrappedKeySecurityTokenRepresents a security token whose key is wrapped inside another token.
Öffentliche KlasseX509SecurityTokenParametersRepresents the parameters for an X.509 security token.

Öffentliche SchnittstelleIIssuanceSecurityTokenAuthenticatorSpecifies the contract that should be implemented by a custom security token authenticator that issues tokens to the client.
Öffentliche SchnittstelleILogonTokenCacheManagerThis interface enables an application to clear the Windows token cache on demand.
Öffentliche SchnittstelleISecurityContextSecurityTokenCacheWhen implemented, this interface specifies a contract for a security context token cache.

Öffentlicher DelegatIssuedSecurityTokenHandlerThis delegate points to a method that when implemented will be called by the Authenticators before the token is issued to the client.
Öffentlicher DelegatRenewedSecurityTokenHandlerThe delegate when implemented is called before a renewed token is returned to the client.

Öffentliche EnumerationSecurityTokenInclusionModeA list of token inclusion requirements for messages.
Öffentliche EnumerationSecurityTokenReferenceStyleThis enumeration sets the desired referencing style that is used to generate security token references (STR) to the security tokens from the signature and encryption elements in the message.
Öffentliche EnumerationX509KeyIdentifierClauseTypeAn enumeration listing the possible types of X.509 key identifier clauses.