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Provides classes to support rights management of application created content such as stored in a Package or XpsDocument.

Additional information about how to use and implement rights management is available on-line in the MSDN documentation for the Right.

For example programs that show how to use the System.Security.RightsManagement classes and APIs see Rights Management Samples.

Öffentliche KlasseContentGrantRepresents a right granted to a user to access information in a rights managed document.
Öffentliche KlasseContentUserRepresents a user or user-group for granting access to rights managed content.
Öffentliche KlasseCryptoProviderProvides digital rights management services for encrypting and decrypting protected content.
Öffentliche KlasseLocalizedNameDescriptionPairRepresents an immutable (read-only) pair of "Name" and "Description" strings.
Öffentliche KlassePublishLicenseRepresents a signed rights managed publish license.
Öffentliche KlasseRightsManagementExceptionRepresents an error condition when a rights management operation cannot complete successfully.
Öffentliche KlasseSecureEnvironmentRepresents a secure client session for user activation, license binding, and other rights management operations.
Öffentliche KlasseUnsignedPublishLicenseRepresents an unsigned rights managed PublishLicense or an unsigned PublishLicense template.
Öffentliche KlasseUseLicenseRepresents a license that enables access to protected rights managed content.

Öffentliche EnumerationAuthenticationTypeSpecifies the method of rights management authentication.
Öffentliche EnumerationContentRightSpecifies rights that can be granted to users for accessing content in a rights managed document.
Öffentliche EnumerationRightsManagementFailureCodeSpecifies error conditions that can occur when performing a rights management operation.
Öffentliche EnumerationUserActivationModeSpecifies the type of user Rights Account Certificate to request for rights management activation.