System.Data.Services.Common Namespace

Implements functionality common to both WCF Data Services client and server runtimes.

  Class Description
Public class DataServiceEntityAttribute Marks a class as an entity type.
Public class DataServiceKeyAttribute Indicates the key property or properties of an entity.
Public class EntityPropertyMappingAttribute Attribute that specifies a custom mapping between properties of an entity type and elements of an entry in an AtomPub feed returned by the data service.
Public class EntitySetAttribute Indicates the entity set to which a client data service class belongs.
Public class HasStreamAttribute Indicates that a class that is an entity type has a default binary property to stream.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SyndicationItemProperty Enumeration type used to identify the syndication item element.
Public enumeration SyndicationTextContentKind Enumeration used to identify text content of syndication item.