Getting Started with Excel Services

Letzte Änderung: Montag, 25. April 2011

Gilt für: SharePoint Server 2010

This section introduces Excel Services — a server technology first introduced in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 — and its architecture. It also maps out the types of development you can do using Excel Services, discusses unsupported features, and gives an overview of business intelligence in Excel Services.

Excel Services (Übersicht)

Learn about this new technology that enables you to load, calculate, and display Excel workbooks on SharePoint Server

Excel Services-Architektur

Learn how the three components of Excel Services communicate and work together.

Wegweiser für die Excel Services-Entwicklung

Learn about types of development you can do and the most common scenarios for using Excel-Webdienste.

Unterstützte und nicht unterstützte Features

Find out which features of Excel are not supported in this first version of Excel Services.

Excel Services - Blogs, Foren und Ressourcen

Get links to blogs that are written about Excel Services.


Excel Services UDF (user-defined function) attributes.


The Excel-Webdienste API.


The Excel Web Access Web Part object model.