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Returns the TabletPropertyDescriptionCollection collection that is associated with a given tablet context identifier.

Namespace: Microsoft.StylusInput
Assembly: Microsoft.Ink (in microsoft.ink.dll)

public TabletPropertyDescriptionCollection GetTabletPropertyDescriptionCollection (
	int tabletContextId
public TabletPropertyDescriptionCollection GetTabletPropertyDescriptionCollection (
	int tabletContextId
public function GetTabletPropertyDescriptionCollection (
	tabletContextId : int
) : TabletPropertyDescriptionCollection
Nicht zutreffend.



The tablet context identifier for the Tablet object for which you want the packet property descriptions.


The TabletPropertyDescriptionCollection collection associated with a given tablet context identifier.

This method throws an exception when the RealTimeStylus is disabled or disposed.

This C# example is a snippet from the implementation of the IStylusAsyncPlugin interface's TabletAdded method. The form which implements the IStylusAsyncPlugin interface contains a TextBoxTextBox object, theTextBox. The TabletAdded method displays information about the tablet that was added, calls the GetTabletContextIdFromTablet method to get the tablet's context identifier, and calls the GetTabletPropertyDescriptionCollection method to get the list of packet properties supported by the tablet.

using Microsoft.Ink;
using Microsoft.StylusInput;
using Microsoft.StylusInput.PluginData;

// ...

// Declare the RealTimeStylus objects, the GestureRecognizer plugin,
// and the DynamicRenderer plug-in.
private Microsoft.StylusInput.RealTimeStylus thePrimaryRealTimeStylus = null;
private Microsoft.StylusInput.RealTimeStylus theSecondaryRealTimeStylus = null;
private Microsoft.StylusInput.GestureRecognizer theGestureRecognizer = null;
private Microsoft.StylusInput.DynamicRenderer theDynamicRenderer = null;

// ...

// Called when a tablet is added while the RealTimeStylus is enabled.
public void TabletAdded(RealTimeStylus sender, TabletAddedData data)
    // Display information about the tablet that was added.
    int theContextId =

    this.theTextBox.Text = string.Format(
        "Tablet added, Name = {0}, ContextId={1}, available packet properties:"
        + Environment.NewLine, data.Tablet.Name, theContextId);

    TabletPropertyDescriptionCollection theTabletProperties =

    foreach(TabletPropertyDescription theTabletPropertyDescription in theTabletProperties)
        // ...

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