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WdCompatibility Enumeration

Specifies a compatibility option.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word (in microsoft.office.interop.word.dll)

Dim wdCompatibility1 As WdCompatibility = WdCompatibility.wdAlignTablesRowByRow

public enum WdCompatibility
public enum WdCompatibility
public enum WdCompatibility

Member nameDescription
wdAlignTablesRowByRowAlign table rows independently.
wdApplyBreakingRulesUse line-breaking rules.
wdAutospaceLikeWW7Autospace like Word 95.
wdConvMailMergeEscTreat \" as "" in mail merge data sources.
wdDontAdjustLineHeightInTableAdjust line height to grid height in the table.
wdDontBalanceSingleByteDoubleByteWidthBalance SBCS characters and DBCS characters.
wdDontBreakWrappedTablesDon't break wrapped tables across pages.
wdDontSnapTextToGridInTableWithObjectsDon't snap text to grid inside table with inline objects.
wdDontULTrailSpaceDraw underline on trailing spaces.
wdDontUseAsianBreakRulesInGridDon't use Asian rules for line breaks with character grid.
wdDontUseHTMLParagraphAutoSpacingDon't use HTML paragraph auto spacing.
wdDontWrapTextWithPunctuationDon't allow hanging punctuation with character grid.
wdExactOnTopDon't center "exact line height" lines.
wdExpandShiftReturnDon't expand character spaces on the line ending Shift+Return.
wdFootnoteLayoutLikeWW8Lay out footnotes like Word 6.x/95/97.
wdForgetLastTabAlignmentForget last tab alignment.
wdGrowAutofitAllow tables to extend into margins.
wdLayoutRawTableWidthLay out tables with raw width.
wdLayoutTableRowsApartAllow table rows to lay out apart.
wdLeaveBackslashAloneConvert backslash characters into yen signs.
wdLineWrapLikeWord6Line wrap like Word 6.0.
wdMWSmallCapsUse larger small caps like Word 5.x for the Macintosh.
wdNoColumnBalanceDon't balance columns for continuous section starts.
wdNoExtraLineSpacingSuppress extra line spacing like WordPerfect 5.x.
wdNoLeadingDon't add leading (extra space) between rows of text.
wdNoSpaceForULAdd space for underline.
wdNoSpaceRaiseLowerDon't add extra space for raised/lowered characters.
wdNoTabHangIndentDon't add automatic tab stop for hanging indent.
wdOrigWordTableRulesCombine table borders like Word 5.x for the Macintosh.
wdPrintBodyTextBeforeHeaderPrint body text before header/footer.
wdPrintColBlackPrint colors as black on noncolor printers.
wdSelectFieldWithFirstOrLastCharacterSelect entire field with first or last character.
wdShapeLayoutLikeWW8Lay out autoshapes like Word 97.
wdShowBreaksInFramesShow hard page or column breaks in frames.
wdSpacingInWholePointsExpand/condense by whole number of points.
wdSubFontBySizeSubstitute fonts based on font size.
wdSuppressBottomSpacingSuppress extra line spacing at bottom of page.
wdSuppressSpBfAfterPgBrkSuppress Space Before after a hard page or column break.
wdSuppressTopSpacingSuppress extra line spacing at top of page.
wdSuppressTopSpacingMac5Suppress extra line spacing at top of page like Word 5.x for the Macintosh.
wdSwapBordersFacingPagesSwap left and right borders on odd facing pages.
wdTransparentMetafilesDon't blank the area behind metafile pictures.
wdTruncateFontHeightTruncate font height.
wdUsePrinterMetricsUse printer metrics to lay out document.
wdUseWord2002TableStyleRulesUse Word 2002 table style rules.
wdUseWord97LineBreakingRulesUse Word 97 line breaking rules for Asian text.
wdWPJustificationDo full justification like WordPerfect 6.x for Windows.
wdWPSpaceWidthSet the width of a space like WordPerfect 5.x.
wdWrapTrailSpacesWrap trailing spaces to next line.
wdWW6BorderRulesUse Word 6.x/95 border rules.

Compatibility options affect how a document is displayed in Microsoft Word. The wdCompatibility enumeration is used with the Compatibility property of the Document object. In the user interface, you can see and change compatibility settings in the Compatibility tab of the Options dialog box. Descriptions listed here correspond to the label text shown in the Options dialog box.

Development Platforms

Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000

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