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Shape Members

Represents an object in the drawing layer, such as an AutoShape, freeform, OLE object, ActiveX control, or picture.

The following tables list the members exposed by the Shape type.

  Name Description
Adjustments Returns a Adjustments object that contains adjustment values for all the adjustments in the specified Shape object that represents an AutoShape or WordArt.
AlternativeText Returns or sets the alternative text associated with a shape in a Web page.
Anchor Returns a Range object that represents the anchoring range for the specified shape.
Application Returns a Application object that represents the Microsoft Word application.
AutoShapeType Returns or sets the shape type for the specified Shape object, which must represent an AutoShape other than a line or freeform drawing.
Callout Returns a CalloutFormat object that contains callout formatting properties for the specified shape.
CanvasItems Returns a CanvasShapes object that represents a collection of shapes in a drawing canvas.
Child Determines if the shape is a child shape.
Creator Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the specified object was created.
Diagram Returns a Diagram object to which a diagram node belongs.
DiagramNode Returns a DiagramNode object that represents a node in a diagram.
Fill Returns a FillFormat object that contains fill formatting properties for the specified shape.
GroupItems Returns a GroupShapes object that represents the individual shapes in the specified group.
HasDiagram Determines if a shape is a diagram.
HasDiagramNode Determines if a shape is a diagram node.
Height Returns or sets the height of the specified shape in points.
HorizontalFlip Indicates that a shape has been flipped horizontally.
Hyperlink Returns a Hyperlink object that represents the hyperlink associated with the specified shape.
ID Returns the type for the specified object.
LayoutInCell Returns an Integer that represents whether a shape in a table is displayed inside the table or outside of the table.
Left Returns or sets a Single that represents the horizontal position, measured in points, of the specified shape or shape range.
Line Returns a LineFormat object that contains line formatting properties for the specified shape.
LinkFormat Returns a LinkFormat object that represents the link options of the specified shape that's linked to a file.
LockAnchor Determines if the specified Shape object's anchor is locked to the anchoring range.
LockAspectRatio Determines if you can change the height and width of the shape independently of one another when you resize it or if it retains its original proportions.
Name Returns or sets the name of the specified object.
Nodes Returns a ShapeNodes collection that represents the geometric description of the specified shape.
OLEFormat Returns a OLEFormat object that represents the OLE characteristics (other than linking) for the specified shape.
Parent Returns an object that represents the parent object of the specified object.
ParentGroup Returns a Shape object that represents the common parent shape of a child shape.
PictureFormat Returns a PictureFormat object that contains picture formatting properties for the specified object.
RelativeHorizontalPosition Specifies to what the horizontal position of a shape is relative.
RelativeVerticalPosition Specifies to what the vertical position of a shape is relative.
Rotation Returns or sets the number of degrees the specified shape is rotated around the z-axis.
Script Returns a Microsoft.Office.Core.Script object, which represents a block of script or code on the specified Web page.
Shadow Returns a ShadowFormat object that represents the shadow formatting for the specified shape.
TextEffect Returns a TextEffectFormat object that contains text-effect formatting properties for the specified shape.
TextFrame Returns a TextFrame object that contains the text for the specified shape.
ThreeD Returns a ThreeDFormat object that contains formatting properties of the three-dimensional effect for the specified shape.
Top Returns or sets the vertical position of the specified shape in points.
Type Returns the shape type.
VerticalFlip Determines if the specified shape is flipped around the vertical axis.
Vertices Returns the coordinates of the specified freeform drawing's vertices (and control points for Bézier curves) as a series of coordinate pairs.
Visible Determines if the specified object, or the formatting applied to it, is visible.
Width Returns or sets the width of the specified object, in points.
WrapFormat Returns a WrapFormat object that contains the properties for wrapping text around the specified shape.
ZOrderPosition Returns the position of the specified shape in the z-order.

  Name Description
Activate Activates the specified object.
Apply Applies to the specified shape formatting that has been copied using the PickUp method.
CanvasCropBottom Crops a percentage of the height of a drawing canvas from the bottom of the canvas.
CanvasCropLeft Crops a percentage of the width of a drawing canvas from the left side of the canvas.
CanvasCropRight Crops a percentage of the width of a drawing canvas from the right side of the canvas.
CanvasCropTop Crops a percentage of the height of a drawing canvas from the top of the canvas.
ConvertToFrame Converts the specified shape to a frame.
ConvertToInlineShape Converts the specified shape in the drawing layer of a document to an inline shape in the text layer.
Delete Deletes the specified object.
Duplicate Creates a duplicate of the specified Shape object, adds the new range of shapes to the Shapes collection at a standard offset from the original shapes, and then returns the new Shape object.
Flip Flips a shape horizontally or vertically.
IncrementLeft Moves the specified shape horizontally by the specified number of points.
IncrementRotation Changes the rotation of the specified shape around the z-axis by the specified number of degrees.
IncrementTop Moves the specified shape vertically by the specified number of points.
PickUp Copies the formatting of the specified shape.
ScaleHeight Scales the height of the shape by a specified factor.
ScaleWidth Scales the width of the shape by a specified factor.
Select Selects the specified object.
SetShapesDefaultProperties Applies the formatting of the specified shape to a default shape for that document. New shapes inherit many of their attributes from the default shape.
Ungroup Ungroups any grouped shapes in the specified shape.
ZOrder Moves the specified shape in front of or behind other shapes in the collection (that is, changes the shape's position in the z-order).