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Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge API Reference

This section contains the current and legacy APIs for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

In this section


HTML/XHTML Reference

This section documents the elements supported by Internet Explorer and Windows Store apps.

Cascading Style Sheets

This section contains reference articles available for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), including CSS3.

Document Object Model (DOM) Core

This section documents the various Document Object Model (DOM) specifications, including DOM Level 2 HTML, DOM Level 3 Events, DOM Traversal and Range, and others.

Graphics and Media

This section includes documentation for HTML5 audio/video, as well as Canvas APIs and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

Web Applications

This section describes a variety of standards-based features that you can use to build Web-based applications.

Internet Explorer Platform APIs

This section includes proprietary APIs and features for Internet Explorer, such as Pinned sites, F12 developer tools, and MSHTML. This section also includes legacy APIs for older versions of Internet Explorer.


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