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Miscellaneous Warning Messages

Visual Studio 2010

The information in this article applies to:

  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010

  • Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 

  • SQL Server 2008

  • Team Foundation Server Complete Health Check

  • Team Foundation Server Framework Health Check

  • Team Foundation Server Statistics

The Best Practices Analyzer tool for Team Foundation Server performs a pre-scan check to determine whether the information that is provided for the scan is valid and whether the tool can access information for the team project collections. A warning appears if one of the following conditions occurs:

  • Cannot validate the URL provided

    The URL that you specified for the scan does not match the expected pattern, which is http://ServerName:PortNumber/VirtualDirectoryName. If you do not include values for the port number or virtual directory name, the tool runs the scan based on default values. These values are 8080 for the port number and tfs for the virtual directory.

    If this warning appears, you should verify whether the validated URL matches the URL for an application-tier server in the deployment. You can find the URL for the scan in the tree report under Scan Environment and Scan Type. You can verify the URL for Team Foundation Server by opening the Team Foundation Administration Console, expanding the Application Tier node, and then viewing the Server URL.

    For more information, see Open the Team Foundation Administration Console [BPA].

  • Cannot determine the connection string for a team project collection

    This message appears when the tool attempts to collect statistics for the project collection. If the tool cannot determine the database for a project collection, the tool cannot gather statistics for that collection.

    To resolve this warning, you can verify that the database is defined for the project collection that the warning names and that the collection is attached and running. You can check this configuration by opening the Team Foundation Administration Console, expanding the Application Tier node, clicking the Team Project Collections node, clicking the named project collection, and then clicking Edit Settings to determine the settings for the collection database.

    For more information, see the following page on the Microsoft Web site: Create a Team Project Collection.