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SQL Server Upsizing Wizard

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The SQL Server Upsizing Wizard creates a SQL Server database that duplicates, as much as possible, the functionality of Visual FoxPro database. You can use the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard to:

  • Move local data to a remote server.
  • Transform local base tables and local views into remote base tables and remote views.
  • Migrate a local application to a client/server application.
    Note   Upsizing can take a long time, depending on the size of your data, the amount of network traffic, and the number of concurrent demands being handled by your server. Large tables may require several hours to upsize.

To run the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard

  1. From the Wizards submenu on the Tools menu, choose Upsizing.
  2. In the Wizard Selection dialog box, choose SQL Server Upsizing Wizard.

Wizard Steps

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