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OneDrive API reference


This reference provides information about how to call the Live SDK APIs: the JavaScript API (Windows Store apps and web), the Managed API (Windows Runtime apps), the iOS API, and the Android API. This API reference contains these topic sets.

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Scopes and permissions

Scopes represent the various permission levels that an app can request from a user, in order to access the user's Microsoft account services data.

REST reference

The Live SDK Representational State Transfer (REST) API enables apps with services using Microsoft account to access users' info, contacts, friends, media, and files, that are stored on Microsoft OneDrive.

JavaScript reference (Windows Store app and web)

The Live SDK JavaScript API (Windows Store app and web) and the REST reference, enables apps to read, update, and share user data by using JavaScript.

Managed reference (Windows Store app and Windows Phone)

The Live SDK Managed API (Windows Store app and Windows Phone) simplifies the process of accessing user data, and provides controls to facilitate the sign-in experience for users.

iOS reference

Provides a set of enumerations, interfaces, and protocols to simplify calling the Live SDK Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs from iOS apps.

Android reference

Provides a set of packages to integrate OneDrive in your Android apps.




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