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Locating Sample Files

Sample files for each release of Visual Studio .NET are installed in folders separate from those of other releases so that there will be no conflicts when two or more versions of Visual Studio .NET are installed. If you uninstall Visual Studio .NET, the corresponding sample files are removed.

The default locations for sample files are listed below. %install% represents the location where Visual Studio .NET is installed, such as \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\ or \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\. Unless otherwise noted, the locations listed below are for both version 2002 and version 2003 of Visual Studio .NET.

Product or Feature Sample Location
Visual Studio .NET Enterprise C:\%install%\Enterprise Samples\
Visual Basic .NET C:\%install%\vb7\VB Samples\
Visual C++ .NET On DVD:\Samples\VC\
On CD: Visual Studio .NET CD2\Samples\VC\
Visual C# .NET On DVD:\Samples\VCSharp\
On CD: Visual Studio .NET CD2 \Samples\VCSharp\
Visual J# .NET Included with MSDN. See Visual J# Samples for information on downloading sample files.
Microsoft .NET Framework SDK For Visual Studio .NET 2002
c:\ %install%\FrameworkSDK\Samples
For Visual Studio .NET 2003
Smart Device Applications c:\%install%\CompactFrameworkSDK\v1.0.5000\Windows CE\Samples\

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