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SQL Data Services (SDS) SDK

[This document supports a preliminary release of a software product that may be changed substantially prior to final commercial release. This document is provided for informational purposes only.]

Following tools are available for developers building applications with Microsoft® SQL Data Services (SDS). These tools allow you to explore SDS without having to write any code. You may find these tools useful in debugging your application with SDS.

SDS Command Line Tool

This command line tool allows you to create, update, delete entities (authorities, containers, entities), and specify queries. You can upload blobs and perform backup and restore operations. Both SOAP and REST interfaces can be tested.

SDS Explorer

Provides a graphical interface to explore SDS. It supports POST (create), PUT (update), GET (retrieve), DELETE, and Query operations. In this release SDS Explorer does not support backup/restore and blob operations. However, SDS Command Line Tool provides this functionality.

These tools are available for download at the download center.