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SQL Data Services (SDS)

[This document supports a preliminary release of a software product that may be changed substantially prior to final commercial release. This document is provided for informational purposes only.]

This primer provides an overview of the Microsoft® SQL Data Services (SDS). It describes the SDS data model and provides examples of using the data service.



Getting Ready to Use SQL Data Services

Explains sign-up process and what you need to explore the service.

SDS Data Model Overview (Authorities, Containers, Entities and Flexible Entities)

Provides an overview of the core concepts of the SQL Data Services, including authorities, containers, and entities.

Examples of Using SOAP and REST Interfaces with the SQL Data Services

Provides C# examples of using SOAP and REST interfaces with the data service.

Querying SQL Data Services

Explains query syntax and provides query examples using SOAP and REST interfaces.

Version Support and Conditional Operations

Explains versioning and how you can use it for conditional updates.

Handling Blobs

Explains blob support in SDS.

Guidelines and Limitations

Provides guidelines and outlines limitations within this release.