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Transactional Enhancements

Windows Server 2003

The technologies discussed in this section simplify building transaction-aware applications that preserve data integrity, isolate uncommitted changes, and handle error conditions reliably. Applications use transactions to group operations on resources and ensure that the operations either succeed or fail as a single unit (that is, atomically).

This section contains the following subtopics:

Topic Title


Understanding Transactional Enhancements

Provides a conceptual overview of the Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM), Transactional NTFS (TxF), and Transactional Registry (TxR).

Developing with Transactional Enhancements

Describes developing applications that use the new transactional features independently and in conjunction with other technologies.

Transactional Enhancements Samples

Includes the source code for two sample applications. The first sample demonstrates using KTM and TxF to create files as part of a transaction or outside of a transaction. In the second sample, a client communicates with a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service that uses TxF to create reports that reside on the server's file system.