General Reference

This section contains reference information related to Silverlight.

JavaScript API for Silverlight Reference

Describes the objects, methods, properties, events, and enumerations in the JavaScript API for Silverlight.

Silverlight Plug-in Object Reference

Describes the Silverlight plug-in object in terms of its core functionality, and provides the necessary syntax for each possible programming model or access model.

Silverlight.js Reference

Describes JavaScript helper functions for embedding the Silverlight plug-in in a Web page and for customizing the Silverlight installation experience.

Silverlight Configuration Schema

Describes the configuration schema for Silverlight clients accessing Web services.

Visual Basic Run-Time Support in Silverlight

Describes which Visual Basic run-time features are not supported in Silverlight.

COM Reference

Describes a set of COM interfaces on the Microsoft Internet Explorer version of the plug-in (agcore.dll) and another set that is available for either COM or NPAPI control models.

Error Messages

Describe errors that originate with scripts, native code, or tools that support Silverlight development.

Designers and Dialog Boxes

Describe Silverlight user interface components in Visual Studio or available to the end user.