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Welcome to the Business Contact Manager for Outlook Developer Guide

Office 2007

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager combines the familiar appearance of Outlook with customer information management to help small business owners track customers and sales opportunities more effectively.

All of the information in the Business Contact Manager database is programatically accessible. Software developers can build custom solutions to leverage the rich set of sales and marketing information and functionality.

By being part of the Outlook object model, Business Contact Manager for Outlook exposes an API that developers can use to interact with a storehouse of business contact information. Developers can also create an Outlook add-in and then use Business Contact Manager for Outlook from within that add-in to manipulate business data. Additionally, experienced database developers can directly access public data from data views.

In this Guide

Getting StartedIntroduces programming tips and language options available to software vendors who plan to develop business-ready solutions.
ConceptsDescribes the main features of Business Contact Manager for Outlook with code samples in both C# and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Visual Basic .NET programmers can use the C# samples as a model for developing their applications.

Includes the public views of data for direct access to the Business Contact Manager database.

How ToLists the most common tasks that are performed by using Business Contact Manager for Outlook.
ReferenceDescribes the Business Contact Manager for Outlook folder and item objects, and the objects' associated properties.

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For information about Outlook 2007 Developer Reference objects, see the MSDN Office Developer Center Web site.

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