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Windows Media Player 11 SDK Creating a Windows Media Download Package (deprecated) 

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Creating a Windows Media Download Package (deprecated)

This page documents a feature that may be unavailable in future versions of Windows Media Player and the Windows Media Player SDK.

Follow these steps to create a Windows Media Download package.

  1. Create a border. Use the same techniques you would use to build a skin for Windows Media Player. Design the border so that resizing Windows Media Player will not ruin the composition of the border elements. For instance, use a solid color or visualization as a background because these will scale well as Windows Media Player is resized.
  2. Compress the border contents. Create a compressed folder (with a .zip file name extension) that contains the border files: images, JScript files, and the skin definition file with a .wms file name extension. Rename the compressed file so that it has a .wmz file name extension.
  3. Write a Windows Media metafile. Windows Media Player will not load the border unless you create a Windows Media metafile with an .asx file name extension that implements the SKIN element. The metafile can also be used to create a playlist that describes the content included in the package.
  4. Assemble your content. Put all the files that you want to use into a folder. This includes audio files, video files, metafiles, and border definition files.
  5. Create the package. Create a compressed folder (with a .zip file name extension) that contains the border file, content files, and the metafile. Change the file name extension of this .zip file to a .wmd file name extension.
  6. Post the package to a Web site. The completed package is ready to be posted to a Web site and downloaded by users.

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