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AcceptAllRevisions Method
AcceptAllRevisionsShown Method
Activate Method
AddDocumentWorkspaceHeader Method
AddToFavorites Method
ApplyTheme Method
AutoFormat Method
AutoSummarize Method
CanCheckin Method
CheckConsistency Method
CheckGrammar Method
CheckIn Method
CheckNewSmartTags Method
CheckSpelling Method
Close Method
ClosePrintPreview Method
Compare Method
Compare2000 Method
Compare2002 Method
ComputeStatistics Method
ConvertNumbersToText Method
ConvertVietDoc Method
CopyStylesFromTemplate Method
CountNumberedItems Method
CreateLetterContent Method
DataForm Method
DeleteAllComments Method
DeleteAllCommentsShown Method
DeleteAllEditableRanges Method
DeleteAllInkAnnotations Method
DetectLanguage Method
EditionOptions Method
EndReview Method
FitToPages Method
FollowHyperlink Method
ForwardMailer Method
GetCrossReferenceItems Method
GetLetterContent Method
GoTo Method
MakeCompatibilityDefault Method
ManualHyphenation Method
Merge Method
Merge2000 Method
Post Method
PresentIt Method
PrintOut Method
PrintOut2000 Method
PrintOutOld Method
PrintPreview Method
Protect Method
Protect2002 Method
Range Method
RecheckSmartTags Method
Redo Method
RejectAllRevisions Method
RejectAllRevisionsShown Method
Reload Method
ReloadAs Method
RemoveDocumentWorkspaceHeader Method
RemoveLockedStyles Method
RemoveNumbers Method
RemoveSmartTags Method
RemoveTheme Method
Repaginate Method
Reply Method
ReplyAll Method
ReplyWithChanges Method
ResetFormFields Method
Route Method
RunAutoMacro Method
RunLetterWizard Method
Save Method
SaveAs Method
SaveAs2000 Method
sblt Method
Select Method
SelectAllEditableRanges Method
SelectNodes Method
SelectSingleNode Method
SendFax Method
SendFaxOverInternet Method
SendForReview Method
SendMail Method
SendMailer Method
SetDefaultTableStyle Method
SetLetterContent Method
SetPasswordEncryptionOptions Method
ToggleFormsDesign Method
TransformDocument Method
Undo Method
UndoClear Method
Unprotect Method
UpdateStyles Method
UpdateSummaryProperties Method
ViewCode Method
ViewPropertyBrowser Method
WebPagePreview Method
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_Document Methods

  Name Description
AcceptAllRevisions Accepts all tracked changes in the specified document.
AcceptAllRevisionsShown Accepts all revisions in the specified document that are displayed on the screen.
Activate Activates the specified object.
AddToFavorites Creates a shortcut to the document or hyperlink and adds it to the Favorites folder.
ApplyTheme Applies a theme to an open document.
AutoFormat Automatically formats a document.
AutoSummarize Creates an automatic summary of the specified document, and returns a Range object.
CanCheckin Determines if Microsoft Word can check in a specified document to a server.
CheckConsistency Searches all text in a Japanese language document and displays instances where character usage is inconsistent for the same words.
CheckGrammar Begins a spelling and grammar check for the specified document or range.
CheckIn Returns a document from a local computer to a server, and sets the local document to read-only so that it cannot be edited locally.
CheckNewSmartTags Accesses the Microsoft Office Web site for available smart tag recognizer and action files.
CheckSpelling Begins a spelling check for the specified document or range.
Close Closes the specified document or documents.
ClosePrintPreview Switches the specified document from print preview to the previous view. If the specified document isn't in print preview, an error occurs.
Compare Displays revision marks that indicate where the specified document differs from another document.
ComputeStatistics Returns a statistic based on the contents of the specified document.
ConvertNumbersToText Changes the list numbers and LISTNUM fields in the specified object to text.
ConvertVietDoc Reconverts a Vietnamese document to Unicode using a code page other than the default.
CopyStylesFromTemplate Copies styles from the specified template to a document.
CountNumberedItems Returns the number of bulleted or numbered items and LISTNUM fields in the specified object.
CreateLetterContent Creates and returns a LetterContent object based on the specified letter elements.
DataForm Displays the Data Form dialog box, in which you can add, delete, or modify data records.
DeleteAllComments Deletes all comments from the Comments collection in a document.
DeleteAllCommentsShown Deletes all revisions in a specified document that are displayed on the screen.
DeleteAllEditableRanges Deletes permissions in all ranges for which the specified user or group of users has permission to modify.
DeleteAllInkAnnotations Deletes all handwritten ink annotations in a document.
DetectLanguage Analyzes the specified text to determine the language that it is written in.
EditionOptions This member is used only on the Macintosh. For information about this member, consult the language reference Help included with Microsoft Office Macintosh Edition.
EndReview Terminates a review of a file that has been sent for review using the SendForReview method or that has been automatically placed in a review cycle by sending a document to another user in an e-mail message.
FitToPages Decreases the font size of text just enough so that the document will fit on one fewer pages.
FollowHyperlink Displays a cached document if it's already been downloaded. Otherwise, this method resolves the hyperlink, downloads the target document, and displays the document in the appropriate application.
ForwardMailer This member is used only on the Macintosh. For information about this member, consult the language reference Help included with Microsoft Office Macintosh Edition.
GetCrossReferenceItems Returns an array of items that can be cross-referenced based on the specified cross-reference type.
GetLetterContent Retrieves letter elements from the specified document and returns a LetterContent object.
GoTo Returns a Range object that represents the start position of the specified item.
MakeCompatibilityDefault Sets the compatibility options on the Compatibility tab in the Options dialog box (Tools menu) as the default settings for new documents.
ManualHyphenation Initiates manual hyphenation of a document, one line at a time. The user is prompted to accept or decline suggested hyphenations.
Merge Merges the changes marked with revision marks from one document to another.
Post Posts the specified document to a public folder in Microsoft Exchange. This method displays the Send to Exchange Folder dialog box so that a folder can be selected.
PresentIt Opens PowerPoint with the specified Word document loaded.
PrintOut Prints all or part of the specified document.
PrintPreview Switches the view to print preview.
Protect Helps to protect the specified document from changes. When a document is protected, users can make only limited changes, such as adding annotations, making revisions, or completing a form.
Range Returns a Range object by using the specified starting and ending character positions.
RecheckSmartTags Removes smart tags recognized by the grammar checker and rechecks the document content against all smart tag recognizers.
Redo Redoes the last action that was undone (reverses the Undo method). Returns True if the actions were redone successfully.
RejectAllRevisions Rejects all tracked changes in the specified document.
RejectAllRevisionsShown Rejects all revisions in a document that are displayed on the screen.
Reload Reloads a cached document by resolving the hyperlink to the document and downloading it.
ReloadAs Reloads a document based on an HTML document, using the specified document encoding.
RemoveLockedStyles Purges a document of locked styles when formatting restrictions have been applied in a document.
RemoveNumbers Removes numbers or bullets from the specified object.
RemoveSmartTags Removes all smart tag information from a document.
RemoveTheme Removes the active theme from the current document.
Repaginate Repaginates the entire document.
Reply Opens a new e-mail message— with the sender's address on the To: line— for replying to the active message.
ReplyAll Opens a new e-mail message— with the sender’s and all other recipients' addresses on the To: and Cc: lines, as appropriate— for replying to the active message.
ReplyWithChanges Sends an e-mail message to the author of a document that has been sent out for review, notifying them that a reviewer has completed review of the document.
ResetFormFields Clears all form fields in a document, preparing the form to be filled in again.
Route Routes the specified document, using the document's current routing slip.
RunAutoMacro Runs an auto macro that's stored in the specified document. If the specified auto macro doesn't exist, nothing happens.
RunLetterWizard Runs the Letter Wizard on the specified document.
Save Saves the specified document. If the document hasn't been saved before, the Save As dialog box prompts the user for a file name.
SaveAs Saves the specified document with a new name or format. Some of the arguments for this method correspond to the options in the Save Asdialog box (File menu).
Select Selects the specified object.
SelectAllEditableRanges Selects all ranges for which the specified user or group of users has permission to modify.
SelectNodes Returns an XMLNodes collection that represents all the specified nodes in the order in which they appear in the document.
SelectSingleNode Returns an XMLNode object that represents a node in the specified document.
SendFax Sends the specified document as a fax, without any user interaction.
SendFaxOverInternet Sends a document to a fax service provider, who faxes the document to one or more specified recipients.
SendForReview Sends a document in an e-mail message for review by the specified recipients.
SendMail Opens a message window for sending the specified document through Microsoft Exchange.
SendMailer This member is used only on the Macintosh. For information about this member, consult the language reference Help included with Microsoft Office Macintosh Edition.
SetDefaultTableStyle Specifies the table style to use for newly created tables in a document.
SetLetterContent Inserts the contents of the specified LetterContent object into a document.
SetPasswordEncryptionOptions Sets the options Microsoft Word uses for encrypting documents with passwords.
ToggleFormsDesign Toggles form design mode on or off.
TransformDocument Applies the specified Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) file to the specified document and replaces the document with the results.
Undo Undoes the last action or a sequence of actions, which are displayed in the Undo list. Returns True if the actions were successfully undone.
UndoClear Clears the list of actions that can be undone for the specified document. Corresponds to the list of items that appears when you click the arrow beside the Undo button on the Standard toolbar.
Unprotect Removes protection from the specified document. If the document isn't protected, this method generates an error.
UpdateStyles Copies all styles from the attached template into the document, overwriting any existing styles in the document that have the same name.
UpdateSummaryProperties Updates the keyword and comment text in the Properties dialog box (File menu) to reflect the AutoSummary content for the specified document.
ViewCode Displays the code window for the selected ActiveX control in the specified document.
ViewPropertyBrowser Displays the property window for the selected ActiveX control in the specified document.
WebPagePreview Displays a preview of the current document as it would look if saved as a Web page.
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