MFC ActiveX Controls: Adding Custom Methods
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MFC ActiveX Controls: Adding Custom Methods

Custom methods differ from stock methods in that they are not already implemented by COleControl. You must supply the implementation for each custom method you add to your control.

An ActiveX control user can call a custom method at any time to perform control-specific actions. The dispatch map entry for custom methods is of the form DISP_FUNCTION.

Adding a Custom Method With the Add Method Wizard

The following procedure demonstrates adding the custom method PtInCircle to an ActiveX control's skeleton code. PtInCircle determines whether the coordinates passed to the control are inside or outside the circle. This same procedure can also be used to add other custom methods. Substitute your custom method name and its parameters for the PtInCircle method name and parameters.


This example uses the InCircle function from the article Events. For more information on this function, see the article MFC ActiveX Controls: Adding Custom Events to an ActiveX Control.

To add the PtInCircle custom method using the Add Method Wizard

  1. Load the control's project.

  2. In Class View, expand the library node of your control.

  3. Right-click the interface node for your control (the second node of the library node) to open the shortcut menu.

  4. From the shortcut menu, click Add and then click Add Method.

    This opens the Add Method Wizard.

  5. In the Method Name box, type PtInCircle.

  6. In the Internal Name box, type the name of the method's internal function or use the default value (in this case, PtInCircle).

  7. In the Return Type box, click VARIANT_BOOL for the method's return type.

  8. Using the Parameter Type and Parameter Name controls, add a parameter called xCoord (type OLE_XPOS_PIXELS).

  9. Using the Parameter Type and Parameter Name controls, add a parameter called yCoord (type OLE_YPOS_PIXELS).

  10. Click Finish.

Add Method Wizard Changes for Custom Methods

When you add a custom method, the Add Method Wizard makes some changes to the control class header (.H) and implementation (.CPP) files. The following line is added to the dispatch map declaration in the control class header (.H) file:


This code declares a dispatch method handler called PtInCircle. This function can be called by the control user using the external name PtInCircle.

The following line is added to the control's .IDL file:

[id(1), helpstring("method PtInCircle")] VARIANT_BOOL 

This line assigns the PtInCircle method a specific ID number, the method's position in the Add Method Wizard methods and properties list. Because the Add Method Wizard was used to add the custom method, the entry for it was added automatically to the project's .IDL file.

In addition, the following line, located in the implementation (.CPP) file of the control class, is added to the control's dispatch map:

DISP_FUNCTION(CSampleCtrl, "PtInCircle", PtInCircle, VARIANT_BOOL, 

The DISP_FUNCTION macro maps the method PtInCircle to the control's handler function, PtInCircle, declares the return type to be VARIANT_BOOL, and declares two parameters of type VTS_XPOS_PIXELS and VTS_YPOSPIXELS to be passed to PtInCircle.

Finally, the Add Method Wizard adds the stub function CSampleCtrl::PtInCircle to the bottom of the control's implementation (.CPP) file. For PtInCircle to function as stated previously, it must be modified as follows:

    return InCircle(CPoint(xCoord, yCoord));

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