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Visual J# Tasks

Visual Studio 2005
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You can perform the following tasks with Visual J#.

In This Section

Common Programming Tasks

Describes how to replace the implementation of a Visual J# library class with your own implementation.
Migrating from Java

Describes how to upgrade Java-like applications and older J+ projects to Visual J#.
Integrating COM Applications with J#

Describes how to create Visual J# COM client and server components and interface with other COM servers.
Compiling J# Applications

Describes how to build a J# application from Visual Studio.
Accessing Data with J#

Describes how to query data.
Managing J# Projects

Describes how to use Visual Studio to manage J# projects.
Managing Serialization with J#

Describes how to store and retrieve data temporarily.
Upgrading to J#

Describes how to upgrade older applications to Visual J#.
Web Programming with J#

Describes how to create reusable J# web components.
Creating J# Applications

Describes how to use Visual J# to create user interfaces for applications.
How to: Access Resources from a .properties File

Provides a code example that shows how to share a .properties file between Visual J# and a legacy application.
How to: Call a Method in a DLL from Visual J#

Provides steps to show how to call both static and dynamic methods from the vjslib.dll library.
How to: Create a Visual J# Project from Existing J++ Code

Provides the steps necessary to upgrade a Visual J++ project to Visual J#.
How to: Deploy J# Browser Controls

Describes how to create a simple control, deploy the control to a Web site, and display it on a Web page.
How to: Implement an Interface in J#

Provides code that shows you how to implement the java.lang.Comparable interface to compare bank transactions.
How to: Validate User Input in a Console Application

Provides steps for creating a console application that verifies the user entered a first and last name at run time.
How to: Write a Package Scoped Class

Provides examples that show how to package scoped classes.

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