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Eagerly Windows 10 was expected. The first ‘Windows as a Service' brings a lot of improvements and enhancements. The new features range from deployment to management and security. An overview of the IT Pro topics related to Windows 10 is provided on these pages. Empower your knowledge and become a Windows 10 expert.


Windows 10 features and functions

Windows 10: Technical overview

The video below is part of a full Windows 10 MVA serie. Please check out the link below the video to view the full course.


Windows 10 Deployment

Windows as a Service

Join Microsoft Australia Senior Evangelist, Jeff Alexander, as he takes you through Windows as a Service, Windows 10 Deployment, whats new in management and the Windows Store, Runtime provisioning in Windows 10 and the new era of security features in Windows 10.


Start with Windows 10

Below you'll find a small compilation of our Windows 10 learning ressources to check out:
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