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Microsoft Azure – problem-free coexistence of Azure and your current IT

As a world-class cloud computing platform from Microsoft Azure provides a growing collection of integrated services for analysis, computing, database, mobile devices, networking, storage and web, with which you are more flexible, reach better services and save money. Microsoft Azure + your existing IT = Hybrid Cloud/IT. Empower your knowledge and learn how Microsoft Azure and your existing IT environment work together.


Azure as best cloud platform

If you aren't familiar with Azure we might have something up our sleves:

Getting great Performance out of Azure

The video below is 1 out of 4 deep insight videos. If you want to get the most out of Azure and your deployment, check out the link below this video:


The journey to the hybrid cloud

The following learning course works best in combination with an Azure account. Learn how to work with Azure on the run with special exercises.
If you don't have an Azure Account yet, you can get a free one-month Azure trial.


Start with Microsoft Azure

For all those new to Azure we have a few excellent learning ressources to check out:
First make a visit to the TechNet Evaluation Center and Sign In.

Benefit from additional training