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Making sure the web just works

With Windows 10, a lot of great stuff is happening for the web. Microsoft Edge will replace Internet Explorer as your default browser. Discover why that’s great news for web developers!

Learn how you can benefit from all new features that are available in Edge, and why IE11 still ships with every Windows 10 machine. Find out what you have to do to make your website futureproof!


What's new?

Get familiar with all new features that are being added to the platform. Find out what is already supported and what is on the roadmap. Get an overview of what browsers have a certain feature implemented and vote on what you think is most crucial to raise its priority.


Check if your website is futureproof

A few simple tips to help you rest assured that your website won’t break in Edge:

  • don’t do browser sniffing, implement feature detection instead
  • build according to web standards, as most plugins are now deprecated
  • properly implement css-prefixes
  • keep your javascript libraries up to date

Get a detailed overview of actions you can take to improve your website. Run a quick static code scan on any URL to check for out-of-date libraries, layout issues and accessibility


Hear it directly from the team building the product

Microsoft Edge: Product And Personality