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Windows 10 - Transform your app development

On July 29, 2015, Windows 10 has been released ushering in the last version of Windows to hit the shelves. As an app developer there’s no more exciting time, as we aim for 1 billion users to be on Windows 10 in 3 years.

Make sure you take advantage now and prepare yourself and your apps for the best version of Windows ever by providing the best Apps on the platform ever!


Universal Windows Applications

Learn about mobile development for the latest Windows & Windows Phone devices. Universal Windows Apps development will target tablet & phone using a single shared code solution.

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One step further, Cross Platform!

To ensure you can use the latest cross platform development tools to the max make sure you download the latest version of Visual Studio:
Latest Visual Studio Version here

You have a couple of options for cross platform application development:


Continuum – Universal to the max!

Optimizing Windows Apps for Continuum

Continuum leverages the power of Universal Windows apps by extending your experience from the small screen of a phone to a large connected TV or monitor. This means your users can use a Windows Mobile device as a PC or entertainment system, while also using the phone as a phone. Just plug in a Miracast dongle or wired dock to any HDMI display and go!

Learn about best practices for building for Universal Apps that scale and transition well from phone to a connected display. Understand the key scenarios and interactions enabled by Continuum.