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Learn how the cloud can become your friend

Even when you are not yet ready to move your existing production application and services to the cloud, the cloud can still be a valuable resource for you. You can use the cloud to quickly spin up a development or test environment, have a cloud infrastructure in place to be able to cope with high loads or disaster recovery, or just prepare for the day you will make to move to the cloud. Sign up for a free Azure trial subscription, or activate your MSDN benefit and start learning and exploring!


Spin up a Virtual Machine!

One of the easiest things to do in the Azure cloud is to spin up your own Virtual Machine, just follow these steps:

  • Get access to Azure (see previous step).
  • Sign in to the Preview portal
  • On the Hub menu, click New.
  • In the New blade, click Compute > Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.
  • On the Create VM blade, fill in the Host Name you want for the VM, the administrative User Name, and a strong Password. User Name refers to the administrative account that you'll use to manage the server.
  • Review the default settings, such as the Pricing Tier and Optional Configuration.
  • When you're done reviewing or updating the settings, click Create.
  • Now the VM will be created and started, this typically takes around 3 minutes. Once Azure is done, you can connect to the VM by clicking the Connect button in the VM blade.


Immerse yourself in the cloud!

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: VMs

Check out the video below to learn how to create a Virtual Machine on Azure. Want to learn more? Then click on the button below to take the Cloud Camp on Microsoft Virtual Academy.