Visual Studio Roadmap

You can already test the next version of Visual Studio today!

Would you like to know more about future versions of Visual Studio? Then take a look at the preview of Visual Studio 2015 right now.

Looking into the future

Visual Studio 2015 will be the next version of Visual Studio. We are offering a technical preview of Visual Studio 2015 now and plan to release it in 2015. During the preview phase, we will gather user feedback and regularly release new CTPs (Community Technical Previews), like we did in connection with the Visual Studio 2013 updates.

You can download the preview here or, alternatively, test it as an Azure Virtual Machine. Details can be found here: Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview now available in the Virtual Machine Azure Gallery.

A brief summary of the new functions

The .NET Compiler Platform, known by the name “Roslyn”, is available in the Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview as a C# and VB compiler. This is enhanced with APIs, which make it easier for developers to integrate with the Visual Studio compilers and language services. You will find more details in the C# and VB Blogs.

Visual Studio 2015 also pushes forward the standards conformance of the C++ compiler, including support for C++ 11 user-defined literals, inline namespaces and noexcept, as well as C++ 14 generalized lambda capture and std:: user-defined literals. Details can be found in the C++ Team Blog.

Visual Studio 2015 offers new tools for ASP.NET vNext, which is geared toward the development of modern web applications for cloud and on-premises servers.