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Visual Studio 2015: Visual Studio Enterprise is to be the successor of Visual Studio Ultimate and Visual Studio Premium

This summer, Visual Studio 2015 will be available to developers. Along with the new version of this developers’ platform from Microsoft, there will also be a new edition: Visual Studio Enterprise. Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate are to be replaced by VS Enterprise. At that time, all users of VS Premium and VS Ultimate with MSDN will receive a cost-free upgrade to the new VS Enterprise edition. This includes the full functionality of VS Ultimate, as well as new innovative features that make software development easier and more efficient in teams of any size.

What is inside Visual Studio Enterprise?

VS Enterprise provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for companies that develop, enhance and operate business-critical applications. With the aid of this fully equipped developers’ platform, teams from the Software Development and IT Operation departments can work together without difficulties and have better control over complex projects and processes.

For developers working on applications that are crucial to the company, who envisage high scalability and complete quality assurance, VS Enterprise offers unique possibilities that enable them to also work effectively with extensive, complex and foreign code. The new edition is optimized for automated and manual testing, as well as load and performance tests. It includes, for instance, popular features from the earlier VS Ultimate, such as the historical debugger IntelliTrace, and Code Maps for graphic visualization of certain dependencies in the code.

In addition, MSDN subscription provides (among other things) access to all Microsoft dev/test software, an Office Professional Plus productive license and extensive additional services, as well as Azure credit of 150 USD per month and access to 30 Pluralsight courses in 12 months.