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Cryptography Reference

Cryptography reference pages contain detailed descriptions of the Microsoft cryptography functions, interfaces, objects, and other programming elements. These pages include reference descriptions of the API for working with digital certificates, certificate services, and certificate enrollment control.

Reference pages are divided into the following groups.

Cryptography Constants Constants used by the cryptography functions.
Cryptography Data Types Data types used by cryptography functions, interfaces, and objects.
Cryptography Enumerations Enumerations used by cryptographic functions and methods.
Cryptography Functions Functions used with cryptography and certificate services.
Cryptography Interfaces Interfaces used with certificate server engines, certificate encoding, and certificate enrollment.
Cryptography Objects Objects used with CAPICOM and certificate enrollment.
Cryptography Return Values Return values used by the cryptography functions.
Cryptography Structures Structures used with cryptography functions, interfaces, and objects.
CryptoAPI Tools Reference Cryptography command-line tools.
CAPICOM Reference List of CAPICOM objects and enumerated types.