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CloudQueue.Name Property

Updated: September 27, 2013

[This topic is part of the Microsoft Azure Storage Client Library 1.7, which has been deprecated. See Storage Client Library for the latest version.]

Gets the queue name.

Namespace: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient
Assembly: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient (in Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.dll)

Dim instance As CloudQueue
Dim value As String

value = instance.Name

public string Name { get; }

Property Value

Type: System.String

The queue name.

A queue name must conform to the following constraints:

  • It must only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens.

  • It must be between 3 and 63 characters long.

  • It must begin and end with a lowercase letter or number.

  • It may not contain contiguous hyphens ("--").

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

Development Platforms

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012


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