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Browse records


Updated: June 16, 2015

The Browse tab lets you browse data rows in a selected table in a JavaScript backend mobile service. You can navigate this tab as follows:

  • Click the forward and back arrows to navigate through multiple pages of data.

  • Click on table names in the left navigation bar to switch between tables. Click on the large left arrow to go back to the Data tab.

  • Click on the large left arrow to go back to the Data tab.

You can add and delete columns in the Columns tab. For more information, see Manage columns.


The Data tab is not available for a .NET backend mobile service.

When dynamic schema is enabled, Microsoft Azure Mobile Services automatically generates new columns based on the JSON object in the insert or update request. For more information, see Dynamic schema.

The following columns are included in every table created by Mobile Services:

  • id

  • __createdAt

  • __updatedAt

  • __version

The columns named with a "__" prefix are used by Azure Mobile Services for system property columns. For more information, see System columns.