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Update a Certificate in the Certificate Store
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Update a Certificate in the Certificate Store

Updated: August 23, 2014

You can update the service certificate associated with a hosted service without redeploying the application.

  1. Upload the new .pfx or .cer certificate to the Windows Azure Management Portal. For more detailed information about using a .pfx file for the certificate, see Add a New Certificate to the Certificate Store.

  2. Either the IT manager or the service developer updates the certificate thumbprint in the service configuration file. The service configuration file can be updated without recycling the role to be recycled, or the role can be configured to recycle whenever a configuration change is applied. For more information on handling configuration changes, see Update an Azure Service.

    Be aware that if you just update the configuration file, your deployment may be out of sync with the service model on the development platform.

After updating the service to use the new certificate, the old certificate can be deleted from the hosted service.

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