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Games Explorer Programming Guide

This section contains conceptual topics about how to interact with Windows Games Explorer, a feature available on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Information is divided into the following sections:

In This Section

Getting Started with Games Explorer
Provides a broad overview of Games Explorer and how to get started with a typical installation scenario
Games Explorer Tasks
Provides an overview of the Games Explorer task system, including how you can create your own custom tasks.
GDF Delivery and Localization
Describes how GDF resources are interpreted by Games Explorer and instructions on how to include the GDF resources in your game.
Games Explorer and WMI
Provides an overview on how to use Windows Management Instrumentation to access Games Explorer information on the Windows platforms starting with Windows Vista.
Legacy Game Support with Games Explorer
Provides an overview of how legacy games (games that have not authored custom content for Games Explorer) are interpreted by Games Explorer.
Rich Saved Games (Vista Only)
Provides an overview on how to create and store rich saved games (Windows Vista only).
Supporting an Upgrade from Windows XP
Provides instructions on supporting users who have installed a game on Windows XP then upgraded to a more recent Windows version
The Game-Definition-File (GDF) Schema
Provides an overview of the XML-based GDF schema, and describes how to use the fields to represent your game.

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