Backing up Windows Small Business Server

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Windows Small Business Server 2003 provides a reliable way to schedule and implement regular server backups for small companies. To implement a backup, you run the Backup Configuration Wizard from the To Do List or from the Manage Backup taskpad in Server Management.

The wizard enables you to specify the following:

  • The location for the backup files, either on hard disk or tape.

  • Which items should be excluded from the backup.

  • The days and time the backup is scheduled.

  • If applicable, an on-site user who will be reminded to change backup tapes and clean the tape drive.

  • The number of days to retain deleted e-mail messages.

  • The amount of disk space to reserve for deleted files.

By default, the server is backed up at 11:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. We recommend backing up to tape, but the wizard schedules backups to local, remote, or removable hard disks. You can modify the schedule to suit business needs.

Once the wizard has run:

  • A task is placed in the task scheduler, which starts Backup (NTBackup.exe) at the specified time.

  • A task is placed in the task scheduler to create a snapshot of the server, which enables users to retain deleted files in the Users shared folder.

  • Calendar reminders are sent to the backup tape changer.

  • After a backup has been completed:

When backup has been completed, the results are displayed in the Manage Backup taskpad in Server Management. A single report shows that the backup either succeeded or failed, and you can view the backup log. This information is also available in the server status reports.

Unlike earlier versions, Windows Small Business Server 2003 does not require an emergency repair disk.

Windows Small Business Server Backup can only span multiple tapes if the drive supports robotic tape changes.

You can run the Backup Configuration Wizard again to modify settings. Shortcuts to common settings are available on the Manage Backup taskpad in Server Management.

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