Routing Rules

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

You can add, edit, or remove the routing rules for global mailboxes.

Routing rules are used to deliver e-mail from POP3 mailboxes that do not directly map to an Exchange mailbox or distribution group. For example, if you receive e-mail from the Trey Research mailing list, the e-mail messages may be consistently sent to You would use this text from the To line to define the Text in To: or Cc: line, and select a user mailbox or distribution group from the Exchange mailbox list.


Column heading name Description of column

Text in To: or Cc: line

Displays the display text or e-mail address that appears in the To or Cc line of an e-mail message. This is used to route the e-mail to the correct Exchange mailbox.

Exchange mailbox

Displays the user mailbox or distribution group in Exchange.

You can perform the following actions for routing rules:


Action Purpose


Click to add a new routing rule.


Click to modify a selected rule.


Removes a selected rule.