Keeping up-to-date on security information

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Bulletins, newsletters, and newsgroups contain the latest information about security-related issues, what products are affected (if any), how to help protect your computers, and what needs to be done to fix a security problem. These resources also contain links to other sources of information. You need to stay current with security information to help protect your data and network from unauthorized access, viruses, or data theft.

You can use the following methods to keep informed about the latest security issues:

  • Review newsgroups. Review newsgroups to receive the latest security-related information. For more information about the Windows Small Business Server Newsgroup, see the Small Business Server Newsgroup at the Microsoft Web site ( To review the Microsoft Security Newsgroups, see the Microsoft Web site (

  • Review security bulletins. Review security bulletins to receive the latest security information. The Microsoft Security Response Center regularly publishes hotfixes and security bulletins. For more information, see the HotFix and Security Bulletin Service Web site at the Microsoft Web site (

  • Sign up to receive security newsletters. To receive e-mail concerning alerts and patches for all your Microsoft products, subscribe to the Microsoft Security Update Newsletter at the Microsoft Web site ( Also, stay current on patches for any other software that you may use by visiting the product-specific Web site.

For more information about security, see the Microsoft Security Web site at the Microsoft Web site (