Set Up Computer Wizard

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

You can use the Set Up Computer Wizard to configure settings on your server to create accounts for your client computer. The Set Up Computer Wizard defines client computer names, assigns organizational units, defines applications that you want to install on the client computer, and configures settings for working offline.

  • When you create a new client-computer account, you must give the client computer a name. For more information about naming client computers, see Client Computer Names.

  • If you have defined organizational units in your network, you can assign a client computer to an organizational unit. For more information, see Client Computers and Organizational Units.

  • You can define the applications that you want to install on a client computer by using the Set Up Computer Wizard. For more information, see Client Applications.

  • For additional configuration settings, such as settings for Internet Explorer, Outlook profiles, desktops, fax printers, printers, and Remote Desktop, see Advanced Client Computer Settings.

  • To work offline with a client computer, see Mobile Client and Offline Use.

  • To customize the Set Up Computer Wizard so that you can deploy additional applications or edit existing application properties, see Application Information.