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Top 7 Ways to Light Up Your Apps on Windows Server 2008

Whether you are building Web applications or writing core server-based system services, the following top 7 ways provide the basis for leveraging the new and enhanced features of Windows Server® 2008. The listed features are explored in the Windows Server 2008 Developer Story.

  1. Build More Flexible Web Applications

    • Internet Information Server 7.0 (IIS7)

    • IIS Manager

  2. Build Connected Systems

    • Windows Communication Foundation

    • Windows Workflow Foundation

    • Windows Process Activation Service

    • Microsoft Message Queue 4.0

  3. Develop Federation-Aware Applications

    • Active Directory Federation Services

    • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

    • Windows Authorization Manager

  4. Design Highly Manageable Applications

    • Microsoft Management Console 3.0

    • Windows PowerShell™

    • Windows Task Scheduler 2.0

    • Windows Eventing 6.0

    • Windows Installer 4.0, ClickOnce

  5. Develop More Reliable Applications

    • Application Recovery and Restart

    • Restart Manager

    • Transactional NTFS, Transactional Registry, and Kernel Transaction Manager

  6. Build Scalable Applications

    • Thread Pool

    • Thread Ordering Service

    • Wait Chain Traversal

  7. Leverage Virtualization

    • Hyper-V

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